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We can, for all components of the process chain, avail ourselves of the experience gained world-wide with more than 450 combustion units with handling capacities up to 40 t/h for different varieties of waste as well as both flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) and nitrogen oxide treatment (DeNOx) covering each capacities of more than 30,000 MW(el). Over 500 electrostatic precipitator plants are already in operation, as well as more than 200 fabric filters.

In particular the heart of the waste incineration plant - the combustion grate - represents one of the core competencies of the enterprise. Depending on requirements, the company can offer specialized solutions backed up in each case by a large number of successfully executed full-size plants. One of the most significant developments of the company in this area is the water-cooled grate surface, but it can also offer those modern, highly sophisticated firing control systems which spell success in this difficult combustion field.

In flue gas cleaning, too, our company can point to its own proven developments. It should be stressed here that the complete process engineering can be supplied exclusively from our own resources. These include both retrofitting measures to existing incineration plants and the construction and erection of complete new systems.

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