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Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH plans and constructs both
complete turnkey plants utilizing various process technologies adapted to the particular waste in question, right from sorting and pre-treatment
of residues, and also individual components for the relevant processes
within the overall process chain. These include in particular:

Firing Systems
Waste Feeding System, Charging Hopper, Shut-off Damper, Expansion Joint, Fuel Shaft and Hydraulic Driven Ram Feeder including Moving Grates with Air or Water Cooling, Roller Grates, Rotary Kilns

Steam Generators
Vertical or Horizontal Pass Boilers, Pendant or Standing Designs

Residue Handling and  Treatment
Ash Dischargers and Slag Handling Plants, Fly Ash Treatment, Slag Treatment and Slag Stabilization Processes

Flue Gas Cleaning
Electrostatic Precipitators, Fabric Filters, Wet Flue Gas Cleaning, Spray Absorption, Dry Absorption, Catalytic and Non-Catalytic DeNOx Processes, Activated Carbon Filter Plants


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