Desulphurisation technology for India and Bangladesh

Environment flue gas desulphurisation technology and its marketing in India and Bangladesh by Indure. To ease market entry, Steinmüller Babcock Environment shall provide engineering services along with the technology, as well as support for sales and tender preparations.

“India’s new environmental guidelines stipulate the reduction of emissions in power plants, so that the maximum permitted sulphur dioxide output must now be reduced drastically. We are therefore convinced that the partnership with Indure will give us the opportunity to successfully establish our proven flue gas cleaning technologies in the growing Indian market. With Indure a partner has been found whose own engineering and production capacities have made it one of the most experienced suppliers of power plant components in the country,” explains Dr. Frank Delle, Head of Flue Gas Cleaning at Steinmüller Babcock Environment.

With many decades of experience in the area of flue gas cleaning, Steinmüller Babcock Environment is one of the leading suppliers of this technology. The Indure Private Limited is active as a general contractor in the area of planning and constructing power plant equipment, especially in India.